Our Vision for Chicago Public Schools

A Quality Education for ALL Children

We believe the following initiatives will foster healthier school communities and improve the education of ALL our children.

For the Classroom:

We support smaller class size, an end to high-stakes standardized testing, and a full curriculum that includes art, music, science, social studies, foreign language, recess, and bilingual education. Schools should receive appropriate support for special education students and increased services that address students’ social and emotional needs.

For the Community:

We support quality neighborhood schools for all children and equitable school funding. We oppose the current two-tiered CPS system that discriminates based on race and class. We believe parents, teachers and community members know what’s best for their kids and their schools. Their voices should take center stage in education policy decision-making.

For Teachers:

Good teaching conditions equal good learning conditions for our children. Teachers deserve the right to bargain collectively for wages, working conditions and other issues—such as class size, length of school day and curriculum—that affect their schools. Teachers should be fairly compensated and pension promises should be upheld.

For Real School Reform:

For the last decade, corporate “reformers” have pushed school closings, turnarounds and charter expansion, but this privatization agenda has not led to better outcomes for students. Real reform will only be possible with a democratically elected representative school board that is accountable to the public, not the mayor and his corporate backers.

Standing up for teachers means standing up for our kids! Join us today and help work for quality public schools for ALL Chicago children.