A long night

It was a long night, but the Elected School Board bill (HB 1774) finally made it out of the Illinois Senate.

That's big news but the fight is far from over. The bill needs to get voted on again in the Illinois House this summer. Then, we'll need to pressure the governor to sign it. And, the measure's not perfect, so we'll be trying to make it better in the future.

It will be a lot of work and we'll need your help. You can start by joining us at our annual fundraiser Saturday:

Songs of Unity and Resistance 
Saturday, June 3 
7 p.m. 
Quilombo Cultural Center 
1757 N. Kimball

Your support will help us build our strength for the fights ahead and your presence will help us celebrate this year's victories. And, we'll be honoring two leaders in the education justice fight: the Journey for Justice Alliance and the Educator/Activist Sarah Chambers.  

Tickets are $25 in advance, $30 at the door, and childcare is available.


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