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Telling the Truth about CPS School Closings

CPS claimed half of Chicago’s schools are “underutilized” and professed a need to “right size” the district and help address budget deficits. Parents are skeptical of these claims, with good reason.  CPS is closing neighborhood schools, while opening new charter schools.
In the last 10 years, CPS has closed 100 neighborhood schools, primarily on the south and west sides of the city, while opening 60 private charter schools. This makes no sense.  Here's the truth about school closings.

campaign For An Elected representative School Board

There is no democracy in CPS.  Chicago is the only school district in Illinois that does not have an elected board. Twenty years of mayoral control has failed--privatization, school closings, excessive testing, board scandals and corruption, and gross fiscal mismanagement must end. Parents 4 Teachers along with other community organizations of the Grassroots Education Movement (GEM), a citywide coalition organizing for education justice, is organizing support for an elected representative school board in Chicago.  HB 0557 (Chief Sponsor Rep. Martwick) which would give Chicagoans the right to elect the members of the Board of Education, overwhelmingly passed the House 110-4.  Now onto the senate.  For more information, please contact P4T at and read this GEM fact sheet.

WorkIng to End the Abuse of Standardized Testing

We call the excessive level of standardized testing in our schools abusive because of the effects it has on children and because the tests themselves are being abused. Many of them are used for purposes even the test-makers acknowledge are inappropriate. P4T is working with groups across the city to pressure CPS to scale back the tests.  More Than a Score is organizing conversations across the city about the impact of these high-stakes tests on our children and public education.  If you are interested in hosting one of these conversations, please contact More Than a Score today.

Support Teachers at Your School

Pass the P4T Resolution in Support of Teachers and Quality Schools. Teacher morale is plummeting, thanks to attacks by the corporate reformers. P4T has a resolution your Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) or Local School Council (LSC) can pass in support of teachers. Send a copy of your signed petition to and we'll publicize it on our website and on Facebook.

Class Size Does Matter

Reducing class size is one of most effective ways to improve student achievement. But CPS refuses to even address the issue and, thanks to school closings, student-based budgeting and other wrong-headed policies, class size is ballooning across the district. P4T analyzed class size data from Fall, 2014, the most recent data available and found that nearly one-third of CPS's youngest students attend classes in excess of guidelines on class size.  Read the report here.

CTU Contract Improvements for the City Chicago Students Deserve

Chicago's teachers and CPS are negotiating a new contract. The Chicago Teachers Union’s contact proposals include important services and supports for our classrooms, while CPS is asking for a 7 percent pay cut and threatening massive layoffs.  Since CPS is only required by state law to negotiate over pay and benefits, it falls on parents to make their voices heard and demand CPS address the needs of students, teachers and families during contract talks.  Here's what parents and teachers are fighting for.

                                Standing Up for Teachers Means Standing Up for Kids

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