Parents 4 Teachers has come together to stand up for teachers, defend public education, and fight for quality schools for ALL Chicago children.  We believe that building solidarity among parents and teachers, supporting social movement teacher unionism and fighting racist school policies is key to building a high quality, equitable, and just public school system for all of Chicago. 

April 1 #Shutdownchi #fightforfunding

Parents, teachers, students and communities across Chicago must take bold action.  United we can move politicians to pursue progressive revenue sources to support our public institutions so that our communities can thrive.  Revenue, not more cuts, will solve our fiscal crisis! Get updates here.  Read why P4T joins #ShutDownChi.

parent action steps

Proposed pay cuts for teachers and budget cuts for schools mean it's time for parents to get involved. Learn how you can fight back here. 

read our fact sheet on the ctu contract proposals 

The current Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) contract—agreed to after an eight-day strike in 2012—expired at the end of school last year. Teachers and CPS are now negotiating a new contract. The CTU’s contact demands include important services and supports for our classrooms. Read about them here.

Parents 4 Teachers Supports CTU Strike Authorization Vote

As parents, we support the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) decision to seek a strike authorization from its members because it appears to be the only way to get Chicago Public Schools (CPS) to act on the legitimate concerns of teachers and parents who want a better, richer education for their children. 

Parents understand that the needs of our teachers and our kids go hand in hand.  Read our full statement.


By Ted Cox, DNA Info, May 8, 2015 

THE LOOP — Local parent and community groups are demanding that Chicago Public Schools "come clean" on contract negotiations with teachers in three public forums the groups are organizing.  Read more.

                                Standing Up for Teachers Means Standing Up for Kids

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