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Parents 4 Teachers (P4T) has come together to stand up for teachers and work for real education reform. Standing up for teachers means standing up for our kids!

A look back...

CPS makes history, closing scores of schools. Chicago Sun-Times, 6/24/13

More questions about school closings process.
By Curtis Black, Newstips 

The rapidly shrinking CPS "utilization crisis." Excellent analysis by Curtis Black, News tips

The Reader's Ben Joravsky urges a yes vote on the 2012 Elected School Board Referendum

P4T Parent Erica Clark says  teachers' strike was an "Us" moment in the Chicago Tribune

Basic description of reasons for the strike from The Washington Post

Teacher's personal account of the strike at Huffington Post

Jim DeRogatis discusses the strike from a parent's perspective

P4T parent Rhoda Rae Gutierrez Calls for an end to test score based pay in the Tribune (scroll down to End Testing)

Standarized Test Scores Are the Worst Way To Evaluate Teachers by Isabel Nunez in the Sun-Times

Two Visions For Chicago Schools by Diane Ravitch

February 24, 2015-Vote YES for an Elected Representative School Board 

Tuesday, Feburary 24 is election day and P4T along with community groups across the city are working hard to get out the vote for the elected representative school board referendum (the question is on the ballot in 37 wards).  We know the people of Chicago want real democracy in education and we need your help to make sure voters know they can vote YES for an elected school board.

Please email us at if: 
1)  you'd like to help get the vote out for the elected school board referendum in your area;
2)  you're interested in doing GOTV work for candidates supportive of an elected school board;
3)  you want window signs/flyers to distribute urging folks to vote YES on the elected school board referendum (we will deliver them to you).

Also, check out this recent coverage of P4T and the Grassroots Education Movement Coalition canvassing in Emanuel's neighborhood for an #ElectedBoardNow:

Parents urging Mayor Emanuel were turned away by police. [Video] 

Parents go door-to-door for an #ElectedBoardNow. Emanuel calls police. [Video]

Chicago needs an end to the appointed school board. #ElectedBoardNow [Video]

Sun-Times: Elected School Board supporters take campaign to Mayor’s doorstep. [Video]

Pledge to vote for an elected, representative school board in Chicago 

Email to sign up to help on election day. Even a few hours will be a big help!

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