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Parents 4 Teachers (P4T) has come together to stand up for teachers and work for real education reform. Standing up for teachers means standing up for our kids!

A look back...

CPS makes history, closing scores of schools. Chicago Sun-Times, 6/24/13

More questions about school closings process.
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The rapidly shrinking CPS "utilization crisis." Excellent analysis by Curtis Black, News tips

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Jim DeRogatis discusses the strike from a parent's perspective

P4T parent Rhoda Rae Gutierrez Calls for an end to test score based pay in the Tribune (scroll down to End Testing)

Standarized Test Scores Are the Worst Way To Evaluate Teachers by Isabel Nunez in the Sun-Times

Two Visions For Chicago Schools by Diane Ravitch

#WeareDyett too! Call the Mayor, 312-744-3300

We at Parents 4 Teachers express our strongest solidarity with and deepest concern for the health and well-being of Chicago’s Dyett 12, who initiated a hunger strike nearly two weeks ago to urge city and CPS leaders to re-open Dyett High School (which the Board of Education voted to phase out in February 2012) as an open-enrollment, public, neighborhood high school.  For years, Mayor Emanuel and his appointed Board of Education has undermined and stalled decision-making on this community-driven proposal to re-open the Bronzeville high school—the last public, neighborhood high school in this historic African American neighborhood—as the Dyett Global Leadership and Green Technology High School (see proposal here). 

As an action of last-resort to the years of stalling and underhandedness of Mayor Emanuel and his appointed/unelected Board of Education, these courageous parents, grandparents and community members are putting their bodies on the line so their children and children across Chicago can have high quality, equitable and joyous public schools.   

Because of the media blackout on the #FightForDyett hunger strike, P4T, like so many others, has taken to social media to get the word out.  We are regularly posting on Twitter (follow us at @P4TChicago) and P4T FB.  And most importantly, we have been going to Dyett at 555 E. 51st (they are generally there from 10-3) to support the hunger strikers in any way we can.  Please join us!

Here are other ways that you can help now:

  1. Call the Mayor’s office at 312-744-3300 and urge him to meet with the Hunger Strikers ASAP and express your support for the Dyett Global Leadership and Green Technology proposal.  Also, call your Alderman to put pressure on the Mayor.
  2. Attend the #FightForDyett Solidarity and Cultural Event Friday, August 28, 5:00-7:00pm at Operation Push, 50th & Drexel; bring your music, poetry and love to uplift the Hunger Strikers.
  3. See the Teachers for Social Justice website and Dyett GLGT FB page for action alerts and updates. 

For more information about this important struggle for our children and public education, please see the following:

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